Saturday, May 5, 2007

1920's Kitchen Remodel from Our Archives

Believe it or not, these are pictures from our very first kitchen remodel. The house had been neglected for over 15 years that the kitchen was no longer functional. The cabinets were worn, many of which were torn apart, none of the applicanes worked, and the countertop, walls, and ceiling were covered in layers of grime and grease. Needless to say, it deperately needed to be rejuvenated. However, one thing was clear from the beginning, and that was to get the kitchen back to as close as possible to the 1920's look and feel, while being able to work within modern times (like having a dishwasher and microwave). After much research and design considerations, white "milk-painted" shaker style cabinets, simple nickel-finished knobs, a white-tiled countertop with black tile trim, and wood flooring were selected. Part of the renovation process also included replacing all the windows with custom-built wood double hung windows, removing the dropped ceiling and re-creating a coved ceiling in the breakfast nook, adding an archway to separate the kitchen and breakfast nook (and replicating the spanish-style archways that echoed throughout the house), and creating custom-designed wood pantry cabinet doors. The result? A bright, cheerful kitchen that blends well with the vintage style of the house.

BEFORE - South view of the kitchen (with 1950's hurricane windows)

DURING - South view of the kitchen (during demolition) - Lovely dryrot found behind the walls!!

DURING - Reconstruction of Kitchen Windows (With Vintage Weights and Ropes)

AFTER - South View of the Kitchen (with New Double-Hung Windows)

BEFORE - West view of the kitchen

DURING - West view of the kitchen (during demolition)

AFTER - West view of the kitchen

DURING - East view of the kitchen (right after demolition - note the wood template for the ceiling archway)

DURING - Reconstruction of coved ceilings in the breakfast nook

AFTER - East view of the kitchen - facing the breakfast nook

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Angelle Marshall said...

Your way of showing your blog is very impressive. In step by step photogenic way you have nicely expressed your blog.

Christe Martin said...

Wow, I am so glad I stumbled upon your website. I have been struggling with what I want to do in my outdated dark kitchen, and this is exactly what I was looking for!

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