Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Making Preservation Work

Did you know that May is the National Preservation Month? Go to for more details and information on events and ideas.

When we think back to why we got involved in the preservation and restoration of historic homes in the first place, 2 things come to mind: learning the classic building techniques that have produced the beauty and quality construction that we rarely find nowadays and connecting us to who we were, where we came from, and what we had. How often do we hear "They don't make them quite like they used to anymore." Yet, with pressure to get things done faster and cheaper, we are slowly losing our time-honored techniques and thus, losing the beauty and artistry that was evident in past living trends. We're hoping that like-minded people will continue to appreciate the time and skill it takes to preserve, as nothing beats the feeling and sense of pride that what we build will last another 100+ years and that we've been able to save our history, even if it's bit by bit.

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