Friday, May 2, 2008

Color Selection for Historic Homes

We attended a paint seminar for historic homes a few weekends ago in Old Town Tustin, presented by the Tustin Preservation Conservancy. We wanted to share some of the tips and resources for color selection, as provided by one of the presenters Laura Siriani.

Selecting Color for Your Home:

Color can have a profound affect on mood. Consider the following when selecting your color:

Green Hues – Green is considered a restful, calming color. It is a universal symbol of nature and freshness.

Red Hues – Red is associated with strength, power and vitality. It often creates a sense of energy.

Blue Hues – Blue is considered calming and serene.

Yellow Hues – Yellow is stimulating and a great wake-up color.

Purple Hues – Purple is often associated with meditation and inspires contemplation.

Brown Hues – Brown is the most grounding color. It can make you feel rooted.

Take your time. Consider all elements when selecting your colors. For interiors, consider your flooring, window treatments, furniture and upholstery, accessories, and the colors from the outside in (views, gardens, etc.). For exterior, consider your landscape and plant colors, roofing, window treatments, architectural elements (brick, facades, stonework), and your streetscape (your neighbors’ house and landscape colors). Make sure any must-have elements support the overall color scheme.

Use available resources such as paint booklets with color scheme suggestions from home improvement stores, magazines, furniture and design stores, or check out these additional websites for historic home color resources:

Color Schemes by Housing Type:

Old House Colors:

Historic Color Consulting:

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