Thursday, October 2, 2008

Plaster and Woodwork Projects for a Tudor Revival

This gorgeous Tudor Revival needed a few plaster and woodwork projects done to really make the interior pop! We matched the plaster texture above the fireplace and in the existing niches, constructed custom wood and glass shelves in the niches, rounded the tops of 2 niche cut-outs near the front door, added a rustic rough-hewn wood fireplace mantel, added electrical wiring to hang 2 iron chandeliers, and added custom wood shelves in the living room closet. Voila!

Fireplace BEFORE

Fireplace AFTER with rustic mantel, plaster texture, and custom wood shelves in the niches

Front Door Rectangular Niches BEFORE

Front Door Niches AFTER with rounded tops and custom glass and wood shelves

Living Room Closet BEFORE

Living Room Closet AFTER with custom wood shelves, baseboard and floor replacements (also custom wood shelf on side niche on wall)

Living Room Ceiling BEFORE

Living Room Ceiling AFTER with 2 iron chandeliers

To see more interior work we've done, click HERE to see Interior work under the Project Photos section.

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