Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Matte or Gloss Hexagonal Tile for 1920’s bathrooms

Thinking about replacing your bathroom floor tile with traditional 1920’s styled hexagonal tile and can’t decide between matte or gloss finish? Here’s our opinion:

The matte is definitely more period-appropriate since back in the 1920’s, the tile had a duller, honed finish. DalTile carries sheets of the matte finish hexagonal tile. However, having both lived with this matte finish tile as well as installing it for many of our clients, it is very difficult to keep clean. Over time, the tile starts to look “dirty” and requires deep scrubbing to get it looking clean again.

The gloss is definitely much easier to keep clean and maintains a high-polished look. We found one local supplier, American Universal Tile Corp in Santa Ana, CA, that keeps these in stock. However, they don’t look as “original” because of its “shininess.” But if you desire a bright, clean floor, this is probably the better way to go.

With White Matte Hex Tile

With White and Black Gloss Hex Tile

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G8rAlly said...

Thanks for this helpful post. I will be ordering hex tile for my bathroom floor soon, and I agree that the matte finish looks more period-appropriate. However, knowing that the gloss tile will be easier to keep clean, I will be going with that option instead.

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