Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wait...Before Throwing Old House Stuff Away - Think Repurposing!

Over the years, we have accumulated quite a bit of old house parts and miscellaneous stuff from our various projects. More often than not, we think about just throwing them out because there's simply not enough space to store all of these things.

Then, we come across some inspirational photo that demonstrates such a great use of old or odd bits and pieces of stuff for a house project that reminds us again to think "repurpose" first before congesting our landfills with more garbage.

So, here they are...a few photos to inspire you to think of ways to repurpose house stuff - for artwork or new functions for your next house project.

Old Doorknobs - Use as Hooks
Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

Old Window/Door - Use as Art
Photo Credit: Cote de Texas

Old Table - Use as Vanity
Photo Credit: Cote de Texas

Old Wooden Bucket and Relief - Use as Container/Art
Photo Credit: Karin Blake

Do you have a piece you've been saving and would like to use it for a future project?  Give us a call and see how we may be able to assist you with this.

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Nick said...

I love this story. Here at Dimola Bros rubbish removal service of NYC, we have been collecting things others have tossed out in the garbage for many years. It is a shame to destroy such valuable items. Dimola has been saving items from the rubbish people toss out for our personal museum.

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