Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Tile Fireplace for a 1920's Spanish Revival Bungalow

This Spanish Revival bungalow had a fireplace that was clad with a brick facade.  Although it looked okay, it didn't really fit the style of the home.

So, we were called in to design and construct a more authentic-looking fireplace facade that would better suit the 1920's look and feel.

We removed the brick, applied plaster and texture, and installed the tile.  Each tile was custom-cut from 12" X 12" slate tile pieces and fitted to the design.  The plaster texture was also matched to the texture on the existing walls surrounding the fireplace, to give the illusion the fireplace was original to the house.

See Before and After pictures below.
BEFORE with Brick Facade


Close-Up of Plaster Texture

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