Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vintage Old Towne Bungalow

After more than 20 years in this vintage Old Town bungalow, the owners contacted us to do some "structural" adjustments. The back gable was poorly added on sometime before they purchased the house (which always resulted in leaks whenever it rained), and they wanted the gable and a new small back porch to be constructed so it looked like it had always been that way. Additionally, the eaves and fascia boards have sagged and rotted with age, so new eaves and fascia boards were constructed.

Next came the reinforcement of the garage, which was almost standing on it's last legs.  This required the temporary jacking up of the garage to build new footings and a curb wall all the way around, putting in new shear walls and a structural header beam, pouring a new concrete garage pad, pouring a new driveway and driveway approach and treating the concrete color to age it as if it had been done back in the 1920s, and reconstructing the facade of the garage.

As a result, this house is now prepared to last another lifetime. It's amazing what all this behind-the-scenes work can do for the structural integrity and well-being of the house!

Here's what the back gable looked like BEFORE


Here's the Gable and Porch AFTER

Here's the Garage BEFORE

Here's all the work IN PROGRESS

Here's the Garage, Driveway and Driveway Approach AFTER

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Jim said...

That's some great work, great look at the before and after shots of the interior pumped concrete. Interested to know what type of pump was used for this project.

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